American evacuations from Israel begin as Floridians arrive safely

by ian

The US embassy in Israel announced that American evacuations began by sea on Monday, 10 days after the war first began.

The embassy sent out a security alert telling American citizens in the area that a cruise ship would leave Israel on Monday morning and arrive in Cyprus. Anyone taking the ship will have to pay back the US government for the travel costs and arrange their own travel plans back to the states out of Cyprus.

The State Department also announced it will be offering charter flights out of the region as well.

Meanwhile, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Sunday that 270 Floridians landed safely in Tampa. They arrived directly from Tel Aviv, and DeSantis said the state would cover all travel costs.

In its most recent estimate, the State Department revealed that the number of Americans killed in the Hamas attacks has risen to 30. There are still 13 US citizens unaccounted for.