Amy Coney Barrett Approved By Senate Judiciary Committee

by mcardinal

Samuel Case, FISM News


In a 12 – 0 vote, the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee approved President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Her nomination will now go to a full Senate vote. Every Republican on the committee was in attendance and voted to confirm, while Democrats boycotted the hearing. 

Committee meetings require at least 12 members to be present and two members of the opposing party. However, Chairman Lindsey Graham ignored such rules saying he wouldn’t allow the Democrats to “take over the committee” with boycotts. GOP aides to Graham said proceeding without the minority president isn’t breaking with norms and has happened before. Senator Graham said, “As you know, our Democratic colleagues informed the committee last night that they will not participate in the hearing. That was their choice. It will be my choice to vote the nominee out of committee.”

The Senate will take a full vote on Monday, Oct. 26, eight days before the Presidential election. Barrett is expected to be confirmed as Republicans appear to have the votes needed to add her to the court. Susan Collins of Maine is the only Senate Republican who’s said she would reject the nomination. 

Sourced from the Hill