Anti-Israel protesters disrupt commencement ceremonies

by ian


Students on campuses around the nation continued their anti-Israel and pro-Palestine protests this weekend. This time, the demonstrations happened to coincide with multiple commencement and graduation ceremonies.

On Saturday, notable examples of these protests occurred in Virginia and California. At Virginia Commonwealth University, video showed dozens of students walking out of the commencement ceremony over its keynote speaker, Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

Students walked out for a variety of reasons, including opposition to some of Youngkin’s political policies, but a handful could be seen walking out as a means of supporting Palestinians. One student had a more forceful message, holding a banner that read “Globalize the Intifada.”

Reports say the students were found outside the building, marching and chanting slogans calling for the university to divest from supporting the nation of Israel.

Also on Saturday, a large group of students at the commencement ceremony for UC Berkeley were heard shouting and chanting during the event. This time, the protest involved hundreds of students who demanded that Palestine be free. They also called out Chancellor Carol Christ for “committing genocide.”

Chancellor Christ later spoke before the crowd, saying the protesters simply “feel passionately about the brutality and the violence in Gaza.”

Then on Sunday, Duke University held its commencement ceremony with a special guest speaker, comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld. Similar to VCU, dozens of students began walking out of the area while some could be heard booing Seinfeld. That was later replaced with people chanting Jerry’s name as the comedian took the stage.

These are just a few notable examples of what is proving to be a worldwide issue. Other examples of recorded protests include people handing out fliers with examples of “actions” one could take, including things such as arson and accepting degrees while displaying a Palestinian flag.