Ark Encounter In Kentucky Will Expand To Include Tower of Babel Exhibit

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


The Ark Encounter, a Kentucky-based life-size replica and museum of Noah’s ark from the book of Genesis, is attempting to expand.  Ken Ham, founder of the Answers In Genesis organization, commissioned the Ark Encounter five years ago as a way for people to learn about the Genesis flood and the Ark narrative in a hands-on way.  The museum has also proved to be a source for apologetically defending the truth claims of the Bible.  The Ark Encounter is recovering after a slow period during the pandemic, with thousands visiting every day.

Last week, the organization announced that it is adding a “Tower of Babel” attraction.  Answers In Genesis will begin raising money for the attraction soon, with a target goal to open in three to four years.  Ham said in an interview,

Next year, we will start fundraising for a Tower of Babel attraction that we hope to open in three or four years, where among other things we will help people understand what genetics research and the Bible say about the origin of all the people groups around the world. I can assure you: it will be a fascinating, eye-opening attraction.

The Tower of Babel, like the Flood, is a fascinating historical account from Genesis.  After the flood, the human population grew to great numbers, and people began constructing a great tower to “make a name” for themselves.  God, seeing their pride, humbled them and confused their language so they could not understand one another.  According to Genesis 11, this is how various languages were formed, and this is how God scattered the peoples over the whole earth.

It will be fascinating to observe how the ministry will construct the replica tower when, unlike the Ark, there is no biblical evidence for the tower’s dimensions or supplies.