Audio leaks of Justice Alito wanting to return America to ‘godliness’

by ian

Rolling Stone, which is known for writing political hit pieces on conservatives, published an undercover interview with Justice Samuel Alito during which he allegedly confessed to his “radical” ideals.

Progressive journalist Lauren Windsor posed as a conservative at a Supreme Court dinner to get Alito to admit that he is biased in his rulings. Apparently, Alito admitting that either “one side or the other” will win the political war is considered partial judgment.

Another so-called bombshell moment happened when Alito agreed with Windsor that the country should return to “godliness,” allegedly proving that he mixes religion with judicial rulings.

Alito’s colleague, Chief Justice John Roberts, pushed back on Windsor’s probing questions by saying that it is up to the people to elect leaders who could put the country on a more moral path. The justices’ job is “to decide the cases the best they can.”