Austin, Texas sees 3-day surge in opioid overdoses

by ian

Texas is tragically experiencing what may be the largest opioid overdose outbreak in recent times. The surge of fentanyl-linked emergency calls began last Monday.

By the end of three days, those numbers climbed to 75 suspected overdoses with at least nine deaths. That far outpaces the city’s usual average of 100 overdoses a month.

Emergency responders distributed 400 doses of Narcan through affected areas, which were credited with saving dozens of lives. The state allows fentanyl poisoning to be prosecuted as murder. Police have detained two people who may have played a role in the bad batch of drugs.

Austin typically sees the most drug use and per capita overdoses of any Texas city, a situation that followed city leaders’  decision to defund the police in 2020. Last year, officials said they seized half a million lethal doses of fentanyl in the city.