Biden admin collaborated with Nat. Archives over Trump’s classified docs

by ian

Another scandal could be brewing for President Joe Biden.

New court documents reported by Just the News suggest the Biden administration had been working with the National Archives to put pressure on Donald Trump for retaining classified documents.

This had been going on since at least the spring of 2021 – more than a year before the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.  In one email, Archives General Counsel Gary Stern said he’d had “several conversations” with an unnamed Biden official about Trump’s records.

Following these conversations,  he wrote a letter to Biden’s DOJ raising concerns about Trump’s unreturned documents – something one Archives official said was unprecedented.  At the same time, Biden was also improperly storing classified documents at his home in Delaware.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson (Wisc.) says the new documents prove Biden and Trump were treated differently when it came to their handling of classified materials.