Biden administration continues pushing LGBT policies on Americans

by ian

First Lady Jill Biden is expected to host a Pride Month celebration on the South Lawn of the White House on June 26. The administration held a similar event last year to show solidarity with the LGBT community.

But President Joe Biden and his entire administration also continue to advance LGBT policies and agendas through politics and have been busy as of late.

One of the most controversial topics that the Biden administration supports is allowing children and teenagers to undergo transgender surgeries. And there is perhaps no greater supporter within the administration than Admiral Rachel Levine – the U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health in the US Health Department, who is a biological male.

According to a recently unsealed report, Levine has been in frequent contact with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health – otherwise known as WPATH. This organization comes up with guidelines regarding transgender procedures.

The report,  from Canadian sex researcher James Cantor, shows that Levine was instrumental in rushing the development and issuance of these guidelines. Levine was also instrumental in policy construction.

According to the report’s wording, Levine “pressured WPATH to remove recommended minimum ages for medical transition treatments” in this new set of guidelines. The reason? A minimum age – which was thought to be at least 18 – would “result in devastating legislation for trans care” for those under 18 in the United States.

But Biden has also been energetic in supporting the LGBT community. He recently issued three veto threats against Republican-led appropriations bills currently in the House.

These bills aim to make budget cuts in the State Department, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security. Biden gave a multitude of reasons as to why he would veto these bills, which included his claim that they would threaten the LGBT community.

But Republicans have been consistently claiming that such policies are going so far as to affect our nation’s military readiness. Constant promotion of LGBT policies in the armed forces has many Republicans pushing back on the issue claiming that it is affecting recruitment and preparedness.

Most recently, Republicans chided Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks over a DoD Pride event. Many senators said that Hicks and the Biden administration as a whole are focusing on the wrong ideas to promote national security.