Biden administration panned for releasing billions to Hamas backer Iran

by ian


Despite pledging support to Israel, the Biden administration is being blamed by Republicans, key among them Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, for going soft on Iran, a major backer of Hamas.

The White House is facing criticism for its recent prisoner swap with Iran, a deal that saw the U.S. release $6 billion of frozen Iranian assets.

Though the money is only meant for humanitarian aid, critics say the funds may have helped Iran free up other resources to assist with the attack. Iran denies playing a role, but reports from the Wall Street Journal suggest Tehran greenlit the operation.

This comes as the U.S. says it’s still investigating Iran’s true role in the terrorist group’s weekend attack on Israel. Regardless, Iran remains an outspoken supporter of Hamas.

Monday morning, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi hailed what he called the “brilliant and impressive victories” of the “Palestinian resistance” in Israel.