Biden administration warns Israel not to strike back against Hezbollah

by ian

The Biden administration continues to play both sides in the Israel-Hamas conflict, even as Hezbollah attacks increase in the northern part of Israel.

The administration has been pressuring the Jewish nation not to retaliate against Hezbollah’s attacks in the north out of fear that it would escalate the conflict into a wider war. But Israeli residents say the request is unreasonable. About 100,000 residents have been forced out of their homes due to almost daily attacks from Hezbollah.

Major Shadi Khaloul, who serves in the IDF’s reserves, told CBN News that he questions the Biden administration’s understanding of the conflict. He said that the war is not about territory but about ideology. He explained that the goal of Hezbollah is to eliminate the Jewish nation because the Westernized country’s values oppose Sharia law.

Khaloul also warned that if Israel can’t fight back promptly, Hezbollah might get ready to destroy Israel and move on to other parts of Europe.