Biden arrives in Tel Aviv to aid humanitarian needs

by ian

President Joe Biden landed safely in Tel Aviv this morning, with multiple goals on his agenda.

The president first reaffirmed US support for Israel. He referenced the Holocaust of World War 2 and said, “We will not stand by and do nothing again. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.” He then said he would ask Congress for an “unprecedented support package for Israel’s defense.”

But the most controversial moment of the speech came when Biden gave a word of caution for Israel, advising the Jewish nation to not be overcome with rage in their desire for justice.

Biden also announced a $100 million aid package for those trapped in Gaza and the West Bank, urging Israel to make similar moves. Finally, the president closed out the press conference by again reaffirming US support for Israel, no matter what.

The reaffirmed support and the gentle pressure from Biden seemed to have changed Israel’s mind. The nation just today approved the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza. Biden praised the decision but also stressed that aid would be suspended if Hamas tried to take control of it.