Biden family reportedly encourages president to stay in race

by ian

It’s not just Joe Biden who doesn’t want to give up. Apparently, his family is also pushing him to stay in the race.

The Associated Press obtained opinions from anonymous sources saying that the Biden family still believes that the president is the best candidate to beat Trump. First Lady Jill Biden and Hunter Biden, both of whom have been close confidants and advisors for Biden, are the loudest voices in the group calling for Joe to continue the quest for four more years.

Other Democrat supporters have rushed to Biden’s defense as well. Democratic Rep. James Clyburn from South Carolina said he didn’t believe Biden would have issues leading for another four years.

Pastor and Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock (Ga.) said he had a few Sundays where he thought he could’ve done a better job preaching, implying that the president just had an off day last week.

The New York Times reports that the president’s fate would probably not be decided at Camp David, where he is currently hunkering down, since people there could overhear confidential conversations regarding his presidency.