Biden HHS pushes abortion following SCOTUS ruling

by ian

It seems as though the Biden administration is continuing to push the issue of abortion following a decisive Supreme Court action.

The administration had previously sued Idaho saying its state law against abortion conflicted with the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act – EMTALA for short. The government said the policy specifically prevents federally funded physicians from fulfilling an EMTALA requirement to provide emergency abortions in certain cases.

The issue was brought before the Supreme Court, which took up the case. But on Thursday of last week, the court ruled that it jumped the gun by agreeing to hear the case too early.

This sent the case back to lower courts and reestablished a District Court order that allowed these doctors to perform emergency abortions for mothers whose health is at risk. And now, the Biden administration is acting on it.

The Department of Health and Human Services sent out a letter yesterday as a reminder of sorts, saying that it is “a hospital’s legal duty” to fulfill this emergency abortion clause.