Biden meets with China’s Xi for first time in a year

by ian

President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping are meeting in San Francisco.

Today’s meeting at the annual Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit marks the first interaction between the two leaders in over a year.

Beyond economic issues, much of their conversation is expected to surround military affairs such as the wars in Israel and Ukraine as well as renewing military communication between the U.S. and China. Diplomatic relations between the two nations took a hit following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last year.

The two are also expected to sign an agreement limiting the use of AI in certain military applications, with nuclear weapons being of particular concern. It’s a deal that is receiving mixed reactions from defense experts. Some are saying it’s necessary to maintain peace, but others believe Biden is giving up a strategic advantage when it comes to AI.

Other expected topics include international trade, the fentanyl crisis, and China’s increased aggression toward Taiwan.