Biden pushes ‘Bidenomics,’ bashes Trump in speech

by ian

‘Middle-class Joe’ is still bragging about his economic plan despite the number of Americans struggling to make ends meet.

Monday’s speech in Philadelphia was, in part, to draw Democratic votes from union workers. President Biden has strong support here, but Trump has gained some inroads with the grassroots labor class.

Biden took several jabs at the former president as well.

But middle-class families still aren’t seeing the benefits of Bidenomics. Over 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck according to LendingClub’s latest report.

In addition, government data shows inflation has soared over 16% since Biden took office. The same report says grocery prices have outpaced that with a 20% increase and energy prices are up by almost 40%.

The hikes are not slowing down, as there’s been an average 3.2% increase in prices over the past year. Biden’s own Commerce Secretary admitted on Friday that inflation still exists and is still a challenge for Americans.