Biological Male In Nevada Wins Female Beauty Pageant

by Seth Udinski
Biological Male In Nevada Wins Female Beauty Pageant

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Godlessness and perversion continue to dominate American culture, evidenced by a new development from the state of Nevada.  This past week, Fox 5 Las Vegas reported that a transgender woman has won the Miss Silver State USA pageant, the largest preliminary beauty pageant in Nevada.  Kataluna Enriquez, a biological male who has “become” female, was crowned Miss Silver State and is now in the running to win the title of Miss Nevada. The winner of the Miss Nevada competition would then typically be in the running for Miss USA.

After winning the title, Enriquez spoke of the “hardship” of attempting to win a beauty contest as a transgender person.  The Miss Silver State champion claimed to face deep discrimination on her journey, and said that winning the Miss Silver State Crown was a “celebration of womanhood and diversity…and being your true self.”

This development is woefully disappointing as it showcases a society that constantly celebrates wickedness and condemns virtue.  Kataluna Enriquez is a biological male, and his victory at the Miss Silver State pageant is the exact opposite of a “celebration of womanhood” or “being your true self.”  A male competed in a contest exclusively for women and won.  The Miss Silver State Pageant is a microcosm of a larger cultural trend of rebellion that says, “I get to decide my gender based on how I feel and what I want.”

There are still some who believe in a real and natural difference between men and women.  To date, the Miss USA National Pageant only allows biological women to compete for the title of Miss USA.  According to those rules, Kataluna Enriquez would be barred from the national competition should he win Miss Nevada.  However, in a country barreling towards deeper chaos, it would be no surprise to see those rules changed to allow biological males to compete in a female national pageant.