Biometrics Moving to Replace Passwords

by mcardinal

FISM News Brief


According to Andrew Shikiar from Fast Identity Online Alliance, “Biometrics are really [helping us] move to a password-less future in a rapid manner. There’s a lot of innovation.”

More than 80 percent of hacks involve compromised passwords, according to the World Economic Forum, and passwords remain the most sought-after data by hackers, above other personal or sensitive information. It looks like the future of biometrics replacing passwords could have a dramatic impact on hacks for personal data and banking information. Biometrics is making significant advancements by using human features to verify a users identity. The most widely used biometric technology is the face recognition technology currently used by Apple

By all accounts this technology is rapidly progressing and it’s not unreasonable to think that within the next three or four years passwords will be a thing of the past.