BLM Sides With Cuba’s Communist Government; Blames US for Cubans’ “Pain and Suffering”

by mcardinal

Michael Cardinal, FISM News


In a statement released on the official Black Lives Matters Instagram page, the organization took a stand with the communist government of Cuba and condemned the U.S. government for being “inhumane.”

This should come as no surprise, as the BLM movement was founded upon Marxist ideologies. The three founders of the group are all avowed Marxists and are tied to many communist organizations, a fact that many who follow the organization are unaware of.

In the statement, they put the blame on America for the “pain and suffering” that the people of Cuba have faced since 1962, saying that the embargo has cut off food, medicine, supplies, and vaccines to the Cuban people. What’s more is that the organization also blames the U.S. for “undermining Cubans’ right to choose their own government” while praising the communist regime for its “commitment to sovereignty and self-determination.”

It is bizarre that this stand with the communist dictatorship is happening while the Cuban people are taking to the streets and crying for “freedom” and “liberty” while waving American flags. This statement proves that BLM cares more about its radical ideologies than they do about the individuals that they are supposedly fighting to protect. Cuban authorities do not care about the “11 million people – of which 4 million are Black and Brown.” If they did, then they would truly allow the people to “choose their own government,” rather than wielding the power through a dictatorship since Fidel Castro took power in 1965.

While BLM “looks to Present Biden to end the embargo,” what would truly be an act of standing in solidarity with the Cuban people would be for the US government to take action to ensure that the people’s voice is being heard. While Biden made a statement on Monday saying he “stands with the Cuban people,” he has not yet taken any steps to support them.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed a plan of action by asking the Biden administration to take measures to restore internet to the Caribbean nation:

I urge you to act immediately to provide all necessary authorizations, indemnifications, and funding to American businesses with the capability to provide Internet access for the people of Cuba. Steps must be taken immediately.”

Currently there have been reports of internet black-outs in an attempt to squelch the voice of those protesting. With the potential of space-based internet, it is possible for America to help limit the Cuban government’s ability to censor its citizens.