Blue-collar workers fare better under less immigration: report

by ian

A new report suggests that the well-being of blue-collar workers is almost directly linked with immigration numbers.

The Center for Immigration Studies compared immigration and employment data between the Trump and Biden administrations.

Although the economy grew under Trump, immigration did not keep the same pace. The report suggests that this combination “may have increased the earnings of less-educated U.S.-born workers.” This is compared with real earnings since 2020, which have declined for “virtually all workers.”

The report sums up its findings in this statement:

The analysis shows that real median weekly earnings for U.S.-born workers without a bachelor’s increased more quickly during the period of lower legal and illegal immigration from 2016 to 2019 than in periods of higher immigration before and after.

And of course, this was issued just days before the U.S. expects a massive wave of border crossings with the end of title 42.