California father loses legal custody of son for opposing transgender beliefs

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


In a horrifying story coming out of California, a father has lost legal custody of his son because he disagreed with his son’s recent choice to identify as a female.

The reports of this story are clear that this father was neither abusive nor unloving, but that he cares deeply for his son.

Ted Hudacko is the biological father of a sixteen-year-old boy who, in the last several years, began expressing transgender feelings. He recently requested that his family refer to him with gender-neutral pronouns, and he also started self-identifying as female. His mother reportedly supported her son’s transition, causing marital strife with her husband and eventually leading to a divorce filing, which is still pending.

In a recent court case, Hudacko answered the presiding judge’s questions honestly, and his honesty cost him custody of his child.

One question that illustrated the judge’s likely intentions toward Hudacko was when the judge asked Hudacko if he would love his son if his son began to self-identify as the Queen of England, Hudacko said,

Of course I would. I’d also try to get him help….The identity you just mentioned to me was the Queen of England. I can tell him and I can affirm that to him, to reassuring him situationally; but objectively, he is not the Queen of England and that won’t change, and even the therapist in that case would know that.

The judge ruled that Hudacko should lose legal custody of his son. Most shocking about this case is the fact that Hudacko, while nominally religious, is not a particularly outspoken Christian and even reaffirmed his belief in court that transgenderism is not a sin. Even so, the courts still took away his legal right to his son