California Proposes Severe Anti-Conservative Bill Against Law Enforcement

by Seth Udinski
California Proposes Severe Anti-Conservative Bill Against Law Enforcement

Seth Udinski, FISM News


The California State Assembly recently proposed a bill that could severely chastise law enforcement officers for displaying views deemed “racist,” “homophobic,” or “hateful.”  The California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform (CLEAR) Act is set to be discussed and put to a vote on April 6.  The Act is meant to protect extremists and fanatics from serving in law enforcement, based on rumors that certain Washington, D.C. police officers supported and even participated in the Capitol riot on January 6.

According to the bill, a candidate can be denied or removed based on any past or present participation in “hate speech.”  The bill describes “hate speech” as follows: “Advocating or supporting the denial of constitutional rights of, the genocide of, or violence towards, any group of persons based upon race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.”

While this bill appears to provide a solution for expelling “bad apples” from the police force, there is serious danger in its language.  The radical left has accused many conservative and religious-based organizations and individuals of what the CLEAR Act describes as “hate speech.”  If this bill passes in California, it could prevent any conservative-minded individuals from serving in the police force and could remove officers deemed “dangerous,” not for criminal activity but for religious or political affiliations.  Since the left has labeled the pro-abortion and LGBTQ revolution as “social justice” issues, any individual who upholds the protection of unborn human lives or a traditional view of marriage could be denied the chance to serve or removed from service altogether.

Pacific Justice Institute Senior Staff Attorney Matthew McReynolds blasted the bill after its proposal.  He wisely said,

Under the guise of addressing police gangs, the bill at the same time launches an inexplicable, unwarranted, and unprecedented attack on peaceable, conscientious officers who happen to hold conservative political and religious views.