Casey DeSantis launches ‘Mamas for DeSantis’ campaign in Iowa

by ian


Florida’s First Lady is on the campaign trail this year as she takes her “Mamas for DeSantis” movement national.

Casey DeSantis launched the larger-scale version of her grassroots campaign Thursday in Iowa, where she joined Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds. The strategy taps the parental rights movement by highlighting her husband’s opposition to woke education policies.

The governor’s wife says it was the support of Florida moms and grandmas that gave Ron DeSantis his landslide re-election victory in Florida last year.

She also credits pandemic lockdowns for growing the movement by letting parents glimpse the leftwing ideology taught through the school curriculum. This includes pushing LGTBQ+ beliefs like chosen pronouns and sexualized lesson content.

The Florida Governor pushed legislation last year that increases school curriculum transparency and gives parents a voice in book selections.

Democrats have widely condemned his policies as dangerous, Casey DeSantis backed her husband, saying he’s the best GOP candidate on education issues.