Chicago housing migrants in O’Hare airport

by ian


Chicago is the latest city whose conditions dramatically demonstrate the severity of the migrant crisis. Hundreds of illegal immigrants are now taking residence in the fourth busiest airport in America, raising safety and public health concerns.

About 500 migrants are sleeping on cardboard pads behind a heavy black curtain in the O’Hare airport. Some have been there for weeks. The city is scrambling to set up tent cities to accommodate the more than 14,000 immigrants flooding the northern city.

Illinois State Sen. Cristina Pacione-Zayas says the city is standing “in its values” as a ‘Sanctuary City,’ having built 15 shelters with about 3,000 beds since May.

But on the ground, Chicago reporter William Kelly told Fox News that these migrants are being prioritized over the wellbeing of Chicagoans.

And yet the migrants themselves are still in poor living conditions, as there is limited first aid, medical supplies, and clothing for them.