China urges 2027 military readiness to invade Taiwan, says CIA Director

by ian

A U.S. government official warned that China will be readying its military for an invasion of Taiwan by 2027.

CIA Director William Burns told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Chinese President Xi Jinping gave the directive, but he is not necessarily declaring a future invasion.

Tensions revolving around a potential invasion of Taiwan has put U.S. and Chinese relations on edge more than ever. Although the U.S. officially recognizes the island as a part of the greater Chinese government, many U.S. politicians have given their support to Taiwan and its democratically-elected President Tsai Ing-wen.

Throughout 2022, multiple Congressional delegations – including one led by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – had visited the nation and voiced support for a democratically independent Taiwan.

In an attempt to try an establish some control over the island, China has routinely stationed flights and naval exercises in nearby waters – most of which have resulted in Taiwan scrambling its own jets for defense.