China’s Xi calls for peace in Middle East

by ian


Chinese leader Xi Jinping called for an end to the ongoing war in Gaza in an address to Middle Eastern leaders. As leaders from the region came to Beijing to strengthen relations with China, Xi opened the meeting by announcing his country’s support for Palestine.

The Chinese premier further described the situation as being “absent” of justice. The speech follows the signing of a document by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Middle Eastern diplomats.

Described by Chinese state media as the “joint statement on the Palestinian issue,” the document reportedly calls for an end to the ongoing Israeli-Arab conflict and the establishment of a permanent two-state solution. Delegates from 22 Arab states are in Beijing for the summit, including the leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The summit is believed to be part of an effort by China to strengthen ties with regional powers and put them at odds with the United States, a standing ally of Israel.