Chinese Government Refuses New WHO Probe Into COVID Origins

by mcardinal

Justin Bullock, FISM News


The Chinese government has rejected calls for a renewed WHO probe into the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak, claiming that the renewed interest is political rather than scientific.

A Chinese official said that the conclusions  of the WHO and Chinese joint report from the beginning of this year were recognized by international scientific communities as legitimate. However, the WHO mission leader Peter Ben Embarek has since come out and said that the origins of COVID-19 deserve a more thorough and less biased investigation.

At the same time, the WHO is also urging the international community not to politicize the issue. This is because the question regarding the origins of COVID-19 as well as the circumstances surrounding the virus itself, have become incredibly political, particularly in the US. Indeed, because the initial report from the WHO was co-authored with China, that report received immediate scrutiny and skepticism and is still believed by many people and even experts as a faulty scientific investigation.

For its part, China seems to be obfuscating any further investigation lending credence to the theory that the COVID-19 virus originated in a Chinese virology lab in Wuhan, China. Such a conclusion could lead to widespread condemnation, distrust, and suspicion towards China, hurting its image and influence in the international community. On the other hand, President Biden has praised the WHO’s decision to renew their investigation into COVID-19’s origins. Biden tasked the American intelligence community with investigating the origins separately and has been receiving regular updates and reports on their progress.