Christian advocacy group requests intervention in Azerbaijan

by ian


A Christian advocacy group is requesting Congressional support to prevent what they’re calling a second Armenian genocide.

In an official letter to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Philos Project warned of a humanitarian crisis in the Caucasus region.

Since the end of fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia in twenty twenty, Azerbaijan has controlled access to the ethnically Armenian breakaway state of Artsakh.

The Philos Project has accused Azerbaijan of blocking the one road that leads to the region and denying the overwhelmingly Christian inhabitants food and medical aid shipments.

While the group previously sent a letter requesting the intervention of President Biden, they have since accused the Biden administration of a “lax” approach.

Robert Nicholson, the group’s President and CEO, wrote in a letter to Congress “the President has been markedly silent, failing to acknowledge the current crisis even when issuing an anniversary message on the Armenian Genocide of nineteen fifteen.”

Meanwhile, officials from Azerbaijan have denied allegations that their country is blocking access to the region.