Christian convert in Iraq killed over TikTok video

by mcardinal

Willie R. Tubbs, FISM News


In a tragic reminder of the threats faced by Christians worldwide, a 20-year-old Iraqi woman was murdered after sharing a TikTok video in which she confirmed she’d converted to Christianity.

According to, a ministry that tracks and works against the oppression of Christians globally, Iman Sami was murdered Monday in Northern Iraq in an act of apparent retaliation after her family discovered she’d posted a video singing Christian songs.

Sami, who was also known as Maria, was the daughter of a Muslim cleric.

“For someone born as a Muslim to be open about exploring Christianity is a tremendous act of bravery, as most Muslim Background Believers … in the region face intense pressure from both their families and communities,” Jeff King, President of International Christian Concern, said. “Maria’s TikTok post should not have ended with her death. Iraq is just emerging from a very difficult time when Christians experienced a horrific genocide. It is an important step toward healing for Iraq to pursue an investigation of due process into issues related to freedom of speech and religion.”

It is unclear on which day the murder occurred, but Sami’s body was discovered one day after what Iraq deemed its “National Day of Coexistence and Tolerance.” shared the content of a social media post from Ankawa Today, a Christian news site, which revealed that Sami’s life had been one of frequent heartache. She was forced into life as a child bride, but eventually escaped that marriage and began fighting for women’s rights.

“She suffered in her life because of her early marriage, where she drowned in marriage at the age of only 12 years,” the post reads. “After separation from her husband, she lived alone. She was an activist in the field of women’s rights and a brave woman.”

While as yet unsubstantiated, Ankawa Today reported that Sami’s father and brother were the people responsible for Sami’s death.