Christian group plans to witness at ‘SatanCon’

by Jacob Fuller

Willie R. Tubbs, FISM News

Members of multiple denominations have announced their intention to travel to Boston to share the Gospel with participants in what has been touted as the largest-ever gathering of Satanists.

As first reported by the Christian Post, hundreds of Christians have committed to joining in prayer outside of SatanCon 2023, which is scheduled for April 28-30 in Boston.

But, the Christians are not going to pray for the end of the convention or the destruction of its attendees. Rather, organizers hope this will be God’s method to win lost souls.

“I initially went to prayer with a preconceived idea that God would want this to be prayed away,” Suzie MacAskill, one of the organizers, told the Christian Post. “It was following this assumption that I was awakened through the night with a clear sense of ‘This is My harvest field.’

“Since truly seeking God’s will for this event, and not coming with my own ideas, I believe I’ve been able to more clearly hear of His love for those who are lost and His strategy for praying for this event.”

It is important to note that members of The Satanic Temple proudly state that they do not view themselves as in league with Satan nor do they actually believe that Satan exists.

The group functions, primarily, as a secular effort to undermine Christianity in the public sphere.

However, from a Biblical perspective, whether the group views itself as authentic or as a clever permutation of atheism is immaterial to the blasphemy they undertake.

The Satanic Temple has sought to be allowed to pray and honor the father of all lies before various governmental bodies in Boston. In theory, if Christian prayer was ended as a practice before governmental meetings, the Church of Satan would cease to make its requests.

Thus far, both Republicans and Democrats in the city have largely resisted the effort. Mayor Michelle Wu, a Democrat, refused to allow Satanic prayer before city council meetings.

The Satanists have responded by declaring “Hexennacht,” or “Witches Night” in Boston next weekend. Christian organizers, though, are resolute that God can work a blessing out of the entire episode.

MacAskill and her sister, Lynn, are co-leading the Christian response under the auspices of Intercessors for America, an organization whose members rally together in prayer for the United States.

“Suzie and I have only just come to understand that God has been preparing us for this for some time, which is very comforting as we get close to going into the battle zone in days,” Lynn told the Christian Post.

We have been blessed to hear of several intercessors from across the nation who have felt God calling them to Boston. The Revive Boston conference is going on the same weekend as SatanCon, and they are doing evangelism teaching during it and then planning to have multiple small teams go out into Boston on Saturday afternoon to evangelize.

Christians who cannot make it to Boston can still involve themselves by praying from anywhere on earth. Intercessors for America has created a strategic prayer guide to assist.

Correction: This article has been updated to correctly state that The Satanic Temple organized SatanCon, rather than the Church of Satan.