Christian rapper Lecrae under scrutiny for controversial tweet

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Christian rapper and recording artist Lecrae Moore, popularly known as Lecrae is one of the most popular rappers in the music industry today.

His influence has gone beyond the Christian music scene, as he is known to speak his mind on social media which has at times also led to controversy. His supporters argue that he helps expose necessary problems in Christianity by speaking the truth, while critics believe he engages in unhealthy levels of deconstructionism while giving credibility to liberal ideologies in the church.

Last week, the rapper revealed that one of his shows was cancelled because of a previous tweet in which he said he was done with what he called “institutionalized” and “politicized” Christianity.

The rapper explained in an interview with The Christian Post,

What inspired the tweet was that a few people that I know this year, who’ve been professing Christians for years, have decided they no longer claim Christianity. I just thought to myself, ‘Man, I know that feeling.’ But sometimes we throw the baby out with the bathwater, and I wanted to just encourage people that, ‘Hey, I know where you’re [at], what you’re feeling. But sometimes the problem is not with the faith; it’s with the distortions of the faith.

Some saw his calling out of the politicization of the gospel as a double standard by the artist. In late 2020, Lecrae performed at the Get Out the Early Vote Rally & Concert in Atlanta, held by pro-abortion politician Raphael Warnock and fellow Democratic senator nominee Jon Osoff.

At the time he went on Phil Vischer’s podcast to explain his actions, saying it was a misunderstanding: “Now, I’m thinking it’s bipartisan – both candidates. I’m not thinking, ‘Oh both Democratic candidates.’ I didn’t realize that.”

Lecrae told the Christian Post that he believes that event still has an effect on his image to this day. “I think people have a lot of assumptions about me, some of the things that they’ve seen, really it’s been rumors. There’s been so many rumors about me that people look at everything that I post like a confirmation of a rumor,” he explained. He also encouraged venues to reach out to him directly if they have a question about a stance.

The artist also recently released a single titled No Church in a While, which led many Christians to wonder if Lecrae was rejecting the biblical necessity for church. He explained,

It definitely doesn’t mean we don’t believe in church, we just acknowledging the conversations that have been happening, that people aren’t going [to church]. Whether that’s because of the pandemic, whether they no longer want to go to that building or gathering, we wanted to talk about it and talk about some of the reasons why people feel that way, some of the reasons why we felt that way, and just have an honest dialogue in music.