Christians dead and churches destroyed after violence erupts in India

by ian

Violence erupted in India this past week, leaving Christians in the northeastern part of the country stricken with grief.

Starting last Wednesday, attacks have claimed the lives of nearly 60 people – most of them Christians. Meanwhile, at least 50 churches have been destroyed or burned.

Victims say the attackers came from a Hindu ethnic group, called the Meties. Tribal communities often clash with Christians in the area over land ownership and affirmative action policies.

10,000 soldiers were stationed in Manipur on Thursday to curb the violence. But Christians say they were assaulted in the presence of state police. They also says the Chief Minister ordered churches to be destroyed.

The government’s suspension of the internet makes it difficult to know the full extent of damages and loss of human life. But the Army says over 13,000 people have been moved to shelters to protect them from the violence.