Church leaders criticize debate for sidestepping abortion

by ian

During the debate, President Joe Biden defended Roe v. Wade and said he supports the “three-trimester” approach of the old ruling. Former President Trump, meanwhile, continued to assert that the decision should be left to the states, a position he has taken and called for other Republicans to take. But neither broached the topic in a way that satisfied Christians and pro-lifers.

An op-ed written by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Rev. Albert Mohler highlighted the ways that “both candidates failed”.

Mohler says that the president was dishonest for refusing to say if he would sign a bill allowing for late-term abortions, something Mohler believes Biden would do if given the chance. Mohler said Trump “wavered” on the issue by leaving it to state jurisdiction.

Live Action president and founder Lila Rose held similar views, criticizing both presidents and saying “abortion is unconstitutional.”