Citizens in Lebanon told to evacuate amid Hezbollah aggression

by ian


Nearly a dozen countries are urging their citizens in Lebanon to leave as soon as possible. Those nations include the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Canada, France, Kuwait, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and Australia.

The alerts come as the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah has been exchanging rocket fire with Israel’s northern border since Hamas attacked Oct. 7. Israel fears Hezbollah is preparing for an all-out assault in the coming days.

Wednesday, a top Hezbollah official gave a threatening speech, claiming the group is “thousands of times stronger” than ever before. The U.S. estimates the terror group owns approximately 150,000 rockets, a massive arsenal with the potential to overwhelm Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.

The U.S. has sent two aircraft carriers to the region with the goal of deterring Hezbollah’s aggression.