CNBC poll indicates most Americans prefer neither Trump nor Biden

by Jacob Fuller

Willie R. Tubbs, FISM News


It appears President Joe Bide and former President Donald Trump share two things in common at present: ever fewer people seem to want them to run for the nation’s highest office in 2024 and neither man is willing to admit to his dip in popularity.

A strong majority of respondents to a CNBC All-America Economic Survey said they preferred neither Trump nor Biden in the next presidential race.

The numbers are gloomy for both men, but Biden certainly wins the award for most dismal outlook with 70%, including 57% of Democrats, wanting him to avoid running. Only 19% of respondents said they supported Biden seeking a second term.

Trump presents an interesting case study in a candidate’s ability to be popular enough to potentially win his party’s nomination but likely unpopular enough to lose in the general election.

While 61% of respondents said they did not think Trump should run again, compared to 30% who do, only 37% of Republicans polled expressed a desire that Trump remove himself from the 2024 conversation.

The CNBC results dovetail with findings from a September Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, in which the majority of respondents preferred both Biden (67%) and Trump (57%) sitting out the 2024 race.

One would hardly know from social media that either man is suffering from a popularity lag. In keeping with political traditions, both Trump and Biden have mostly avoided the topic.

However, there is subtle evidence of a tinge of worry. Both Trump and Biden have reverted to their preferred tactics.

Trump, on Truth Social, is lashing out at political enemies while advocating for his position that the 2020 election was stolen.

The former president has also returned to his Twitter-era practice of writing everything in all caps.

Sunday, Trump transcribed a portion of an interview conservative host Mark Levin did with Australian journalist Miranda Divine, a key figure in breaking the Hunter Biden laptop story, and then criticized the Jan. 6 committee likely planning to make criminal referrals to the Department of Justice.

“How can the January 6th unselect committee make criminal referrals when they [have not]  spoken about, or studied, those that rigged the 2020 election, the troops not being brought in by Pelosi, or now, the election fraud determinatively revealed by Twitter,” Trump wrote. “These are the real criminals!!!”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Biden continued his never-ending effort to give himself far too much credit for having helped the working class.

Facing intense backlash from his own party over forcing through a bill that prevented rail workers from striking, a move FISM’s Seth Udinski said was dangerous from a societal perspective, Biden has tried to reassert himself as the best friend labor unions have ever found in the White House.

In a recent tweet, which was posted Friday, Biden cited a little-known portion of the American Rescue Plan, the “Butch-Lewis Act,” which augments benefit programs for former union workers who retired from now failing companies, as proof of his pro-worker bonafides.