CNN Townhall: Biden suggests ending filibuster and firing first responders who don’t get vaxxed

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News


President Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall on Thursday was marred not only with the typical gaffes that have become part and parcel for Biden off teleprompter, but with controversial remarks as well concerning hot button topics like vaccine mandates and the question of ending the filibuster. 

During the event the president was asked by host Anderson Cooper whether first responders and police officers should be fired if they refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine, citing cities like Chicago where the police union is refusing to uphold the mandates. In response, Biden said they should be fired and said that the vaccine is not a matter of “freedom.”

I mean, so there’s a — the idea is that — look . . .  those who just tried to make this a political issue.  ‘Freedom.  I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID.’ No, I mean, come on.  ‘Freedom.’

Later on, Cooper brought up the issue of the Senate filibuster, which Democrats have been clamoring to end or at least temporarily suspend to push through their sweeping voting expansion bill and to raise the debt ceiling. 

Biden replied saying the Senate may come to a point to where it must “fundamentally alter the filibuster,” although he did not explain exactly what that would entail. The president did say that he believes if Republicans threaten to use the filibuster on the debt ceiling in December, Democrats would move to end the process.  He suggested the same for voting rights. 

I also think we’re going to have to move to the point where we fundamentally alter the filibuster.  The idea that, for example, my Republican friends say that we’re going to default on the national debt because they’re going to filibuster that and we need 10 Republicans to support us is the most bizarre thing I ever heard. 


I think you’re going to see an aw- — if they — gets pulled again, I think you’ll see an awful lot of Democrats being ready to say, ‘Not me.  I’m not doing that again.  We’re going to end the filibuster.’