College football playoff rankings released

by Seth Udinski
College football playoff rankings released

Seth Udinski, FISM News


The highly anticipated college football playoff rankings were released yesterday, giving fans its first peek into how the committee views each team’s body of work so far.

In the initial rankings Georgia (8-0) came in at the top spot, followed by Alabama (7-1), Michigan State (8-0), and Oregon(7-1). Ohio State (7-1) and undefeated Cincinnati (8-0) would be the first two teams out if the playoffs started today, coming in at number 5 and 6 respectively. 

Cincinnati voiced their displeasure with the rankings as they were ranked second in the country in the AP and Coaches poll and had recorded a quality win against Notre Dame earlier this season. While they held the highest ranking in history for a team outside one of the power-5 conferences, Cincinnati conference commissioner Mike Aresco called the Bearcats current position “indefensible” and said that the playoffs should instead be titled a power-5 invitational.  

The committee will release an updated ranking each week between now and the end of the season, with the final ranking determining which four teams will have a shot to play for the college football championship.

In typical fashion, the two dominant conferences at the top of the college football rankings are the SEC and the Big Ten.