Colorado Court Fails To Uphold Freedom Of Religion For Christian Website Designer

by Seth Udinski
Colorado Court Fails To Uphold Freedom Of Religion For Christian Wedding Website Designer

Seth Udinski, FISM News


A Christian wedding website designer fell victim to an attack on her freedom of religion in Colorado earlier this week.  Lorie Smith, owner of the wedding design business 303 Creative, lost an appeal for the protection of her freedom of religion over the fact that she refused to design a website for the wedding of a gay couple.  Smith challenged Colorado’s anti-discrimination law, saying the law forced her to violate her freedom of religion, but the US Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver refused to hear it in a 2-1 ruling.

Smith explains her philosophy on her website, saying,

As a Christian who believes that God gave me the creative gifts that are expressed through this business, I have always strived to honor Him in how I operate it. … Because of my faith, however, I am selective about the messages that I create or promote – while I will serve anyone I am always careful to avoid communicating ideas or messages, or promoting events, products, services, or organizations, that are inconsistent with my religious beliefs.

In an effort to appear inclusive and anti-discriminatory, the state of Colorado is denying two fundamental rights of American citizenship – the right to freedom of religion and the right to freedom of speech.  According to Christianity Today, Smith is represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, and they are planning to fight the court’s ruling.