Columbia protestors take over campus building as school issues suspensions

by ian


Columbia University began rolling out suspensions yesterday as anti-Israel protests continue to escalate.

Protestors took over Hamilton Hall this morning, smashing through windows as they forced their way inside and barricaded the door. According to the Columbia Spectator, workers inside were held against their will for a brief period.

NYPD officers arrived outside the school soon after but did not intervene – saying they would only enter school grounds if someone was hurt. Columbia has instructed students to avoid Hamilton Hall, citing “major protest activity.”

Protesters have since unfurled a massive banner reading “Intifada” – a word referencing past violent uprisings against Israel. President Joe Biden called the banner antisemitic “hate speech.”

“Forcibly taking over buildings is not peaceful – it is wrong,” a statement from the White House reads. “And hate speech and hate symbols have no place in America.”

The statement comes as House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) urges Democrats to speak out against antisemitism on campus.