Comer reveals breakthroughs in Biden family business probe: ‘Biden was in on the game’

by Chris Lange

Chris Lange, FISM News


The walls appear to be closing in on the Biden family with news that Republicans have made several breakthroughs in their probe into alleged foreign influence peddling which they claim has brought the investigation “very close” to the president.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) dropped information about several new developments in the investigation into alleged Biden family corruption this week with a series of media interviews and a written statement.


For starters, the Treasury Department has suddenly begun cooperating with the Committee following months of delays in providing requested information on Biden family financial transactions flagged as “suspicious.” The delays, according to Comer, were accompanied by a litany of “excuses.”

“After two months of dragging their feet, the Treasury Department is finally providing us with access to the suspicious activity reports for the Biden family and their associates’ business transactions,” the Kentucky Congressman said in a statement released Tuesday.

Comer has repeatedly called on the Treasury Department to provide the Committee with the multitude of suspicious activity reports (SARs) on Biden family transactions. SARs are used by financial institutions to denote possible or suspected criminal activity. 

The news comes less than a week after a Treasury Department official abruptly pulled out of a scheduled Oversight Committee hearing that had been scheduled for last Friday.

The Department’s sudden change of heart appeared to have been occasioned by Comer’s request for a transcribed interview with the agency’s congressional liaison – an entreaty Department officials would be hard-pressed to ignore.

In response, the Department agreed to provide an “in-camera” review of the SARs, after which Comer postponed the written interview request.


Congressional investigators have uncovered at least 12 bank accounts used by the Biden family to receive money from foreign sources, Comer told Just the News on Wednesday. 

He also revealed that investigators uncovered the first evidence that “some funds went to benefit the future president,” in the words of Just the News writer John Solomon.

Biden family members used limited liability companies (LLCs) to facilitate payments from foreign entities. In some cases, these funds were used to pay Joe Biden’s bills or provide him with other direct benefits, according to the report.

“One of the things that all of our whistleblowers have told us is that they were all — through these LLCs — paying for things for Joe Biden,” Comer said. “So that’s very curious, you know. This is getting to the point where it’s getting very close to Joe Biden.” 

The Congressman also noted that among the known foreign actors funneling funds into Biden family bank accounts, a new one has emerged.

In addition to widely reported sources in China, Ukraine, and Russia, Comer indicated that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a country of interest.

“The Middle East, that’s very underreported, especially with Jim Biden, the president’s brother,” Comer said. “He had a lot of deals in the Middle East. We know about a lot of these deals, because a lot of them are in federal bankruptcy court right now.


Another noteworthy revelation made by the Oversight Committee chair was that Hunter business associate John “Rob” Walker received a $3 million wire transfer from two individuals associated with the Chinese Communist Party just weeks after Joe Biden’s term as vice president ended. Walker and Hunter Biden were partners in a venture with executives from CEFC China Energy.

Comer said on Tuesday in a Fox News interview that financial records show that the next day, Walker disbursed the $3 million into the accounts of three Biden family members, including a “new” individual who had not been on the Committee’s radar.

While the Congressman did not reveal the identity of the “new” person, he said the discovery “really changes things.”

“We identified a very new Biden family member that I honestly never would have even suspected would have been a recipient of a big paycheck from an account that was funded through two individuals closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party,” Comer said. “So I think you’re gonna find that there are many Biden family members that were involved in the schemes,” he added.


The White House has repeatedly dismissed the GOP probe as a political stunt, while Congressional Democrats have voiced vehement opposition to the investigation into the Biden family.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, suggested that his Republican colleagues’ real motivation for the probe is to pave the way for former President Trump to reclaim the White House.

Raskin sent a letter to Comer on Feb. 12 voicing his “deep concern” over the Committee’s issuance of “an invasive and overbroad subpoena to private individuals” in its “investigation targeting the business dealings of family members of President Biden who have never held public office.”

The Maryland Democrat continued: “I fear this wildly overbroad subpoena suggests that your interest in this investigation is not in pursuing defined facts or informing public legislation but conducting a dragnet of political opposition research on behalf of former President Trump.” 

For his part, Comer appeared to be unmoved by the missive.

“We are going to continue to use bank documents and suspicious activity reports to follow the money trail to determine the extent of the Biden family’s business schemes, if Joe Biden is compromised by these deals, and if there is a national security threat,” Comer said.