Concerns of Azerbaijani-Armenian war rise after recent attack

by ian

The Islamic country of Azerbaijan is striking disputed territory in an effort to bring the area back under control despite the threat to civilian life.

Azerbaijan’s defense ministry said Tuesday that the nation began an “anti-terrorist” campaign in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. The territory is currently controlled by Christian Armenian separatists.

So far, military action has resulted in the death of 32 people and injury of 200 others according to an official in the region. That count reportedly includes civilians and children.

The territory is the site of two previous wars, most recently in 2020. If Armenia steps in to defend the region, a third war would be certain to follow. But, so far, Armenia says it’s only provided humanitarian aid.

Earlier this year, the nonprofit Philos Project urged the Biden administration to take action to prevent genocide against the separatists. The group’s founder says President Biden’s silence is emboldening the nation to choose violence over diplomacy.