Congress narrowly avoids shutdown with 11th-hour deal

by ian


President Joe Biden signed a compromise stopgap bill Saturday night to avoid the midnight deadline for a government shutdown.

The continuing resolution will fund the government under current spending levels through Nov. 17 and provide $16 billion in disaster relief with no additional support for Ukraine. The House passed the measure 335-91 Saturday afternoon and the Senate followed shortly thereafter with an 88-9 vote in favor of passage.

Going into the weekend, a government shutdown seemed all but inevitable. House Republicans failed to pass a more conservative bill on Friday that would have cut spending by over a trillion dollars and increased border security. Its failure forced House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to rely on Democrats to pass a clean CR.

Though it contains no additional funding for Ukraine, the White House suggests Speaker McCarthy will bring a separate funding bill to the floor at a later date. McCarthy says Republicans might support more Ukraine funding if Biden agrees to do more to secure the border.