Connecticut Democrats lay foundation for woke LGTB+ education; Missouri Republicans investigate pediatric gender transitioning harm 

by mcardinal

Lauren C. Moye, FISM News

The battle between liberals and conservatives over pediatric gender transitioning continues throughout the states as Connecticut Democrats push to allow children to transition in school settings without parental notifications even as Missouri Republicans launch an investigation into the abuse of ‘trans kids’ at a St. Louis hospital.

Connecticut State Reps. Sarah Keitt, Dominique Johnson, Cristin McCarthy Vahey and Jennifer Leeper in Connecticut introduced legislation in the January 2023 session that protects teacher-student communication on sexual orientation, gender identity, and race from becoming public records during any school-sponsored activities.

“An Act Concerning the Nondisclosure of Certain Communication Between Teachers and Students” is a one-page bill with a statement of purpose that it would protect school teachers from Freedom of Information Act requests on these subjects.

However, this would also prevent parents from filing FOIA requests to gain access to principal and teacher email communications, curriculum, and teacher training on the subjects.

Some fear that the bill would go so far as to protect teachers who help students with gender transitioning behind their parents’ backs.

At the very least, the bill creates a foundation of secrecy that later policies can be built from. For example, if the bill becomes law, as is likely in the Democrat-controlled state, then school administrators can keep training on gender-affirming practices like calling a child by opposite-sex pronouns or a new name a secret from the public.

The act becomes particularly dangerous when coupled with another Connecticut bill that would also ban school administrators from punishing or restricting teachers from discussions “about subjects which ideological differences of opinion exist between such board and educator.” This bill lists gender and sexuality as some of these topics.

“We need transparency in our school district, whether it be with the administration, board of education, and especially with our children’s teachers who, most importantly, interact with our children daily during most of the school hours,” a Moms For Liberty chapter within the state told the Daily Caller. “Who would know the children best but the parents?”

Bills and policies that limit a school’s responsibility to disclose information to a parent often result in more egregious breaches of trust. For example, a Maine mom is suing her daughter’s school after discovering chest binders provided by the school to the child without the mother’s knowledge.

The legislation shows that Democrats are pursuing their LGTB+ agenda without being dissuaded by growing concerns that children are being harmed through grooming practices. An anonymous mother in a Daily Mail report said she regretted transitioning her young sons when they expressed interest in becoming girls. In this message, she referred to the idealogy as a “cult that would have me sacrifice my child.”

Unfortunately, the same teachings that led this mom to make her earlier decision are also ones that are introduced into classroom settings.


It’s an ideology that leads to extreme harm in some situations. Republicans in Missouri are investigating one horrific account after a whistleblower contacted Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

The former employee of St. Louis Children’s Hospital – an employee who describes herself as a queer woman who is “politically to the left of Bernie Sanders” – later went public with her accusations of reckless gender-transitioning affirmations and the resulting harm she had witnessed from prescribed hormonal therapy.

“[C]inics like the one where I worked are creating a whole cohort of kids with atypical genitals—and most of these teens haven’t even had sex yet,” Jamie Reed wrote in her Free Press testimony posted on Thursday.

Some of the allegations are disturbing. One account shares that a female minor’s testosterone prescription sent her to the Emergency Room from heavily bleeding vaginal lacerations. Another teenage girl underwent a double mastectomy before her gender dysphoria cleared and realized she did not want to be a male.

Reed continued: “They had no idea who they were going to be as adults. Yet all it took for them to permanently transform themselves was one or two short conversations with a therapist.”

Bailey shared the now-public account on Twitter, promising that an investigation had already begun.

“We take this evidence seriously and are thoroughly investigating to make sure children are not harmed by individuals who may be more concerned with a radical social agenda than the health of children,” Bailey further stated.