Conservatives, liberals move to avoid one another

by ian

According to a new report from the Associated Press, conservative and liberal Americans are literally moving away from one another.

The report found that it is increasingly common for Americans to politically segregate. Conservatives from blue states and liberals from red states are reportedly moving to where they feel more at home culturally. Among the most popular destinations for conservatives are Idaho and Florida, while liberals are moving to states such as Colorado and California.

Experts blame what they are calling “the big sort” on recent state laws.

As a response to new pro-life legislation, many liberal Americans are seeking to move to so-called abortion safe havens. Meanwhile, conservatives are increasingly moving to states that did not shut down churches during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Colorado State University political analyst Ryan Strickler explained that culture plays a role as well, saying “Democrats want to live in places with artistic culture and craft breweries, and Republicans want to move to places where they can have a big yard.”