Controversy is brewing: Bud Light promotes trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News

In a highly controversial move, Bud Light has chosen to sponsor Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male who, over a year ago, began identifying as a woman and documenting his “transition to womanhood” on TikTok.

While many conservatives and Christians have been highly critical of Mulvaney’s female caricatures, he has gained a massive following and massive support from liberal elites and businesses, including President Joe Biden.

The latest business to throw its support behind Mulvaney is beer company Bud Light, owned by Anheuser-Busch brewers. Earlier this week, Bud Light announced a new beer can with Mulvaney’s face, coinciding with his popularized “one-year anniversary of girlhood.” The can is not for sale to the general public, but was instead intended as a way for Mulvaney to market himself to a larger audience.

Not surprisingly, the move was met was massive criticism. Anheuser-Busch responded by saying,

Anheuser-Busch works with hundreds of influencers across our brands as one of many ways to authentically connect with audiences across various demographics and passion points. From time to time, we produce unique commemorative cans for fans and for brand influencers, like Dylan Mulvaney. This commemorative can was a gift to celebrate a personal milestone and is not for sale to the general public.

While Bud Light became the latest big business to throw support behind Mulvaney, others are not convinced. One of these is multi-genre music legend Kid Rock, who posted a video response to Mulvaney and Bud Light in which he set up several cases of the beer and blasted them with a gun.

(Here is his response; viewer discretion is advised due to foul language.)

Several weeks ago, conservative commentator Matt Walsh summarized the feelings of many who support traditional maleness and femaleness when he slammed Mulvaney, saying, “You do not pass as an attractive woman, or as a woman at all.”

Author’s Biblical Analysis

There is much to say about the disturbing rise of Dylan Mulvaney.

The criticisms coming at him are accurate. His play-acting of womanhood, which in reality is a grotesque fetishizing of certain stereotypes of teenage girlhood, is offensive both to the maleness he has tried to abandon and the femaleness he is pretending to represent.

At times, I have wondered whether he is as delusional as his videos make him out to be, or if he is brilliantly taking advantage of his surroundings. Why? Mulvaney has capitalized on a culture that is chomping at the bit to bow the knee (literally, in the cringe-worthy case of actress Drew Barrymore) to the gender revolution for the sake of virtue-signaling.

I do not know Mulvaney’s motives behind his “transition to girlhood,” but I would not be surprised if he knows exactly what he is doing in getting rich and popular via a charade.

No matter his motives, one thing is certain: Christians must hold fast to the truth.

We see in this report a stern reminder that our world is going to grow increasingly in favor of wickedness and increasingly hostile to holiness.

Sexual deviancy is praised, lauded, financially funded, and universally defended. On the other hand, God-ordained sexuality is at best dismissed and at worst shamed and slain in the street. We need look no further than the silence that has come from the ruling elites when they have been questioned about last week’s horrifying Covenant School massacre in Nashville, in which a transgender shooter murdered six Christians in cold blood.

Let us not back down as we seek to defend and uphold the truth. Christians have the hope of the world, and that hope is found in Jesus Christ, our Captain. He also was slain for defending the truth. Let us be ready to do so as well.

A final thought: let us remember to not be so easily angered at men like Mulvaney. He is, like all of us, at his core a wretched sinner who desperately needs God’s grace.

As we pray for his ridiculous shenanigans to be terminated, let us also pray for his immortal soul, that he would trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.

Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness…  – Ephesians 6:14