COVID Restrictions Lifting Nationwide In Time for Summer

by mcardinal

Justin Bullock, FISM News


FISM News reported that retailers across the nation are gradually lifting COVID-19 restrictions as the CDC has adjusted its guidelines in response to more and more Americans getting vaccinated against the disease. This trend is extending further into all areas of life just in time for the summer. After a year of quarantining and masks, including all of last summer, Americans are itching to return to their normal schedules prior to COVID-19 restrictions.

In particular, Americans are anxious to travel again as well as take vacations to the beaches, mountains, and cities across the country. In addition, Americans are excited for the return of public sporting events as well as public social events like concerts and parties which are particularly prevalent during the summer months. In most states this change is reflected as state governments reduce their COVID-19 regulations from mandatory orders to voluntary advisories beginning the first or second week of June.

Fans of the NBA will notice that stadiums are being filled with fans as they watch the playoffs play out over the next few weeks. Small businesses and institutions like local pools and YMCAs are experiencing a sharp uptick in new memberships and revenue as people are eager to leave their houses. In similar fashion, local parks and recreation centers are also experiencing increased visitors as more and more people look to socialize and play with their friends and families in the spacious and beautiful outdoors.

AARP, The USA Today, and Justia have all released convenient databases that details each state’s COVID-19 policies for travelers to view before heading out on vacation this summer. The AARP database can be found here, the USA Today’s database can be found here, and Justia’s database can be found here.