Crowds chant ‘death to America’ at Iranian president’s funeral

by sam

Mourners of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi chanted “Death to America” at his funeral yesterday.

The former Iranian president was killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday along with seven others. His funeral was held at Tehran University, where the Supreme Leader placed a turban on the president’s casket as a sign of honor.

He then recited a prayer from the Quran, praising the president who became known as the “Butcher of Tehran.” Raisi received the monicker after he executed thousands of political prisoners in 1988. According to estimates, he killed over 30,000 people. Raisi also cracked down on protesters in the past few years, when citizens were outraged by a young Iranian woman’s death for violating the country’s dress code.

But despite Iran’s hostility toward its own people and Western nations, the US expressed sympathy for the president shortly after his death.