Daily Wire report shows Biden’s speaking errors have worsened

by ian

It looks like the White House has indirectly kept track of President Joe Biden’s gradual mental decline in the past year.

The Daily Wire reports that transcripts show 51 speaking error corrections in Biden’s speeches in May alone. In 2023, the president misspoke 3 out of every 10,000 words. During a Fourth of July speech last week, Biden mixed up election years, saying he would beat Trump again in 2020.

The president also routinely mixes up large numbers. In 2023, he said the federal deficit was $7 billion instead of $1 trillion. Biden also claimed that he forgave debt for 136 million people when, in reality, he only forgave loans for about 3.6 million. Other gaffs included mixing up words. In March, he said “the threat to democracy must be defended,” instead of “defeated.”

He also made several comical remarks. In April, he said, “We can’t be trusted” when he meant to say “he” can’t be trusted, likely referring to Trump.

According to the Daily Wire, these and many other mistakes point to an individual who simply reads the teleprompter text he is given without thinking.