Dan Celia, president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, passes into glory

by mcardinal

FISM News Staff


Dan Celia, president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, passed into the arms of his Lord and Savior on Wednesday afternoon at the age of 68.

Dan was a great example to everyone who knew him and followed his ministry. He was steadfast in his service to Christ, love for family, and pride in America. His life mission permeated everything he did – to expose Jesus for all He is, all He can do, and all that He means.

Besides his love for Christ, Dan had no greater love than the love he had for his family. He is survived by his wife of 42 years, Yvonne, two married daughters, and eight grandchildren.

Before going into full-time ministry, Dan worked for 35 years as an entrepreneur and businessman, starting eight corporations and co-founding two others.

In 1999 he started a ministry to promote the biblically-responsible system of financial management he had developed. He believed that it was imperative for Christ-followers to invest His money in a way that would honor Him. He started a radio ministry in 1997 as a part-time ministry which the Lord eventually grew into Financial Issues which is now broadcast on over 800 radio stations and multiple TV stations around the country. In 2016, Dan began FISM TV with the desire of producing original family-friendly shows, documentaries, and regular programming that fell in line with FISM’s Christian worldview and mission.

Dan was a well-trusted voice in finance, conservatism, and Christianity. Through his radio ministry he interviewed news personalities and pundits such as Steve Forbes, Ben Stein, T. Boone Pickens, Tony Perkins, and John Allison, as well as multiple congressmen, senators, and presidential candidates. He was also a conference speaker, author of six books, and served as executive producer on several video productions.

Dan was also proud of the ministries that he chose to partner with, ensuring that he was equally yoked with those he promoted, including PreBorn, India Partners, Samaritan Ministries, American Family Foundation, Timothy Fund, Christian Community Credit Union, and Liberty Counsel.

Dan held firmly to his values and lived his life unashamedly for the Lord. His desire was to obey God’s calling on his life and to praise and glorify Him through the multiple arenas in which he was involved.

He was quoted as saying:
My greatest blessings worth talking about have been: Coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as a result of Charles Stanley’s Ministry, my marriage, children, grandchildren, receiving my second Master’s Degree in theology, being ordained in 2001, and my service in the military from 1971 to 1977. Beyond that, the rest is insignificant.

Throughout his ministry, Dan discussed his desire that he would be worthy to be called a son of Issachar, who according to 1 Chronicles 12:32 were known to be men “that had understanding of the times” they lived in.

Dan leaves behind him a lasting legacy, leaving no doubt that he lived his life in such a manner – using his gifts and platform to unashamedly promote truth and the gospel.

Editor’s Note: It was an honor and a joy to work for Dan Celia. There is no one I know who loved the Lord and lived his life with purpose and conviction more than Dan. He will be missed on this side of eternity, but his family, friends, and co-workers rejoice in knowing that we have the assurance of salvation and the hope of heaven, knowing full well that we will see him again.

We are confident that the Lord will continue to use Financial Issues, FISM News, and FISM TV for His kingdom and glory.  Dan’s legacy, in part, will live on through these ministries he began.