Daniel Perry, who killed a BLM protester, sentenced to 25 years prison time

by ian

The Army sergeant convicted of murdering a Black Lives Matter protestor was sentenced to 25 years of prison yesterday

Sergeant Daniel Perry says he was working as a ride-share driver when he unintentionally drove into a BLM protest back in 2020. Once there, he says that the 28-year-old Garrett Foster pointed a rifle at him. Perry used a pistol in his car to kill the black man.

But prosecutors claim the man intentionally targeted the protest, and a jury convicted Perry of murder back in April.

The judge was asked to consider Perry’s military service for a lesser sentence of 10 years. But the prosecutor argued that the man is a “loaded gun, ready to go off at any perceived threat.”

His lawyers plan to appeal.

Meanwhile, Governor Greg Abbott pledged to pardon the sergeant last month. However, it is unclear when an expedited recommendation from the appropriate board will reach the governor’s desk.

Perry also faces military separation.