DC Comics Makes Batman’s Sidekick Robin Bisexual

by Seth Udinski
DC Comics Makes Batman’s Sidekick Robin Bisexual

Seth Udinski, FISM News


The sexual revolution is relentless.  In the last year, children’s toys, children’s TV shows, athletes, and in some cases even clergymen, have all been consumed by the revolutionaries.  Now, the latest victim of the revolution is a well-known comic book hero.

TMZ ran a report on Tuesday revealing that DC Comics has made Robin, the popular sidekick of the famous crime-fighting super hero Batman, a bisexual.  In the sixth installment of the Batman: Urban Legends comic book series, which was released on Tuesday, Tim Drake, a.k.a Robin, accepts an invitation from a man named Bernard Dowd to go out on a date.  The comic ends with Robin saying yes, keeping fans hooked until the next issue arrives in December.

Superhero comic book storylines are often riddled with alternate universes, alternate timelines, and alternate versions of characters.  It is often difficult to discern what counts as comic book “canon” and what is more appropriately considered a spin-off.  However, based on the trajectory of the sexual revolution in the United States, it would be no surprise for this iteration of Robin to remain as an LGBTQ character for as long as he remains in the Batman universe.